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Baffling Interface: My fridge has an "Energy Saver" mode. The switch has two settings: "Use (Damp Exterior)" and "Save (Normal)". It's on "Use". If I want to save energy, should I switch it to "Save"?

Update: This web page explains what the switch does but only in a tiny clause does it actually explain which setting is which. "Save (Normal)" is the setting I want, unless I start seeing a damp exterior, in which case I should switch to "Use (Damp Exterior)" to get rid of the damp exterior.

Go Now And Smite The Crudites, Who Have Displeased Me: Spent the whole day cooking for tomorrow's blowout. Way more people claim to be showing up than I planned for, but I am prepared. Tomorrow I just have to make simple things like the guacamole and the crudite dip. I have decided to pronounce "crudite" like it's the name of an Old Testament tribe.


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