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[Comments] (8) The Spice Trade: I bought a bunch of spices a while back. I bought a bunch of spices. I didn't figure the weights correctly so I've got enough sage, dried parsley, cloves, etc. to last for years. So if you want some spices, let me know when you're at my house and I'll give you some.

Among my spices are many whole spices which I figured I would grind as needed to make them last longer. This has not worked out very well because I have found no good way to grind spices in small amounts. I got a tiny coffee grinder because that's what Alton Brown recommended, but you have to fill it to the top with spices to get a good grind, which defeats the purpose. Should I just buy a mortar and pestle?

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Posted by Lionfire at Fri Jul 22 2005 01:11



Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Fri Jul 22 2005 01:17

Not only should you get the mortar and pestle, but you also need to get plenty of beakers, test tubes, and bunsen burners, otherwise the mortar and pestle will seem out of place.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Jul 22 2005 13:09

Also, a skull.

Posted by Frances at Fri Jul 22 2005 16:34

And a black cat, and a dried alligator hanging from the ceiling.

Posted by Brendan at Sat Jul 23 2005 00:38

If you get a skeletal alligator, you can also fulfill the skull requirement.

Posted by t at Sat Jul 23 2005 17:25

what you have to do is shake the coffee grinder in a gentle up&down sort of way to get a decent grind.


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