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Summer Disease: The party is in progress. I have decided to adopt the consensus pronunciation of "crudite" but to spell it "croup d'eté".

[Comments] (4) : The party was a success! I'm tired. According to Seth, Aaron Swipe Swartz has picked up a lively interest in Jake Berendes, so I lent Seth my audiotape copy of Jake's "lost" (ie. not purchasable or downloadable online[0]) album, robot moped dehumidifier, the idea being that Seth can make a copy of it and send it to Aaron. I really wish it were available online; just about every song on that album is great.

Manoj showed up! I'm pretty excited about this. Manoj was on the east coast for a while but he came back here to work for Google. I'm glad because Manoj is the model for a character in a story I'm writing and I want to keep him under close observation.

PS: Kevin, your cheese and cracker arrangement was a big hit. Thanks for helping me set up!

[0] Except for Jake's cover and semi-cover of Chickadee and Check Yourself (For Ticks)), which I have cunningly mirrored to boost my own ego.


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