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[Comments] (2) How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Just a list of things I want to talk about, so I don't forget. More information in additional NYCB entries available on request. Also available not on request but it'll take longer.

I think that covers everything.

: Continuing the trend of Ka-Ping Yee coming up with stuff that's obviously a total ripoff of my stuff, yet cooler, is Regender, which eats gender the way the Eater of Meaning eats... meaning. I especially like what it did to my Etiquette entry:

"If a man has a title of his own, he should be addressed as Dr. Michael Wilma." Even if that's not his name.

Update: I also like what it did to the part of this entry where I quote its output.

: A clickolinko mention made me go check out Brandon Bird again (I thought I bruised him before, but my archives say no). He does really good pop paintings in a variety of styles. And he keeps putting them out; the best of the new crop is The Death of Jennifer Sisko, which I would love a print of (see also previous, more understated, DS9-themed work The Lesson of the Geese). If I could afford it I'd commission Brandon Bird to do my "First pirate on the moon" painting, but as it is I'm stuck haggling with Kevin's cheapskate artist friend.

: Thank you, Lazyweb, for coming up with stuff I really had no interest in writing or even using, yet felt that it should exist: Dancing Monkeys analyzes MP3 files and generates Dance Dance Revolution step files for them. The end.


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