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Friday Catt Blogging: "...and then the catt was lockt in the chamber, and kept a great mewing, and leapt upon the bed, which made me I could not sleep a great while."

Take That: "Intelligence is whatever humans can do but machines cannot."

[Comments] (1) And That's How You Narrate A Documentary: I may have been too hard on the narration of March of the Penguins. I'm slowly making my way through a Discovery Channel documentary I Tivoed and its narration is just ridiculous, full of bombast and unnecessary verbiage and what Mark Twain called the right word's second cousin. In fact that's why I Tivoed it, because I couldn't resist the title "What Killed The Mega Beasts?"

Outside of this documentary, mega beasts are known as megafauna, but clunky CGI renditions of the wolly mammoth and the buckeye giant beaver demand a clunky partial translation into English. Everything must be MEGA in this world of 64-ounce colas and ever-larger computers. Uh, computer monitors.

Quotes from the program so far, from memory:

I love how often a line of narration in this documentary has the structure of a joke, and is funny, but is not actually a joke.


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