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[Comments] (6) Oakland Zoo: To answer my own question from earlier I went to the Oakland Zoo with Rachel. The SF zoo has more animals, but in general the animals at the Oakland zoo have better habitats, and it's sunnier. The primate cages at the Oakland zoo are much bigger and have more stuff. I wouldn't want to live in them, but I would if I were a squirrel monkey. (Last time I went to the SF zoo they were doing something to the monkey cages, so hopefully those will be better soon.) The fancy new habitats in SF (the savannah and the lemur habitat) are much better than their counterparts in Oakland.

Animal battle: the Oakland zoo has bats, elephants, alligators, and enormous tortoises. The SF zoo has kangaroos, gorillas, lemurs, and an anteater. The Oakland zoo has a really heavy emphasis on Africa and (to a lesser extent) southeast Asia; the SF zoo has animals from all over.

I don't think I'd ever seen a bat close up before; they're really odd creatures. I had seen approximately 12 million bats fly out of Carlsbad at eventime, but you don't get a good look at any particular bat when that happens. I bought a stuffed bat to hang from the ceiling along with my stuffed pterodactyl.

Number of dumb "Foo at the Zoo" jokes on a single notice board: 3. ("New", "Boo", and "Brew" (?!))


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