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Primer: You can tell that this is one of those weeks when we borrow a bunch of movies from the library. I watched Primer by myself because Sumana doubted she would like it. I think she probably wouldn't have liked it. The plot is insanely complicated, which I found refreshing, but there's just one plot and on an emotional level it's pretty simple. There were enough technical twists to keep me interested, but I can see how someone else would just give up.

The DVD cover said the movie was rated PG-13 for "brief language", but then the DVD itself said the movie was rated R for the same reason, but if there was any "language" it was so "brief" that I didn't notice it. There's a lot of crosstalk in that movie.

Oh, at one point I paused the DVD and used the zoom feature to get a closer look at a detail. Then I forgot I'd done that and watched the rest of the movie in a zoomed state, never noticing that about 1/4 of the screen space was missing until the end when the credits were chopped off. It's got that kind of cinematography.

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