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[Comments] (4) DSR: virgin in the web people

I think there needs to be a B-movie with that title. Do they even make B-movies anymore? It doesn't seem like it. The movie business has gotten too complicated and unmaneuverable, just like everything else.

Day of the Awesome APOD: B-movie title theme today apparently. Look what our space probes have revealed!

Attack of the the Moon Illusion: I had this stupid hypothesis about the cause of the famous moon illusion, but when I did a search for a page to which to link "moon illusion" I found The Moon Illusion Explained, which blew my hypothesis out of the water. That page posits a hypothesis that, while much more complicated, is also less vague and has facts to back it up. I find it satisfyingly analagous to explanations of the Monty Hall paradox, in the way it supposes your brain confuses two different concepts (in this case, linear size and angular size). Bizarre tidbit:

Interestingly, Ross and Plug (2002) cite many old reports that people (including some scientists) had said the moon looked only about 10 to 30 centimeters in diameter!

This gives me a great idea: the Special Edition Collector's Moon! This limited edition miniature silver-plated copy of the moon is the perfect tribute to your own haphazard spending habits. Act now, and 5% of the profits will join the other 95% of the profits in my checking account.


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