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[Comments] (3) Phrases as Slogans: I was thinking of perfectly normal English phrases that could be used as advertising slogans if said in the ad voiceover tone of voice. The only one I have thought of so far is "connect to the wireless network", but there are probably a lot of them. Unlike last year's quest, which has yet to reveal a single pair of jokes with the same punchline.


Posted by mikepop at Fri Jan 13 2006 14:04

"Shake before using"

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 13 2006 14:20

Ooh, that's a good one. All the ones I keep thinking of are actually songs.

Posted by Kevan at Mon Jan 16 2006 02:14

I suppose the pun thing gives a large number of doubled-up feedlines, quite easily - that cricketers and vampires both enjoy The Great Batsby, but for different reasons.

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