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[Comments] (4) Home Improvement Questions: For my mother to answer.

  1. I know you're not supposed to ever ever cut paper with the sewing scissors. But can you cut cloth with scissors designed for cutting paper, or kitchen shears? I don't want to have to buy sewing scissors just to make the curtains.
  2. What are the names of the parts of the hardware that I need to hang pots from the ceiling? O-hooks and S-hooks?

    Posted by Ian Bicking at Mon Feb 06 2006 01:00

    I think it's the clay they coat paper with that hurts the blades. So you could be A-OK. In fact the world will not end if you cut paper with sewing scissors, but people who have sewing scissors are just the sorts of people who get really picky about these things.

    Posted by Leonard at Mon Feb 06 2006 09:12

    When I was young my mother had a big cloth poster thing "Why are Teddy Bears Sew Lovable?" (which confused me greatly, gramatically) in her sewing room. One of the reason teddy bears were preferable to brat kids was "THEY DON'T CUT PAPER WITH THE SEWING SCISSORS". So I'm no stranger to the pickiness.

    Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 06 2006 10:15

    The reason you would want to use sewing scissors to cut fabric is because they are better scissors. Which is also why you wouldn't want scissors that had even looked at paper to be touching your fabric.

    If you don't care, you can probably use whatever scissors you want, as long as they will cut.

    I think it's eye-hooks and S-hooks. The eye-hooks are the screws with a loop.

    Posted by Frances at Thu Feb 09 2006 20:10

    I think you would find regular scissors difficult to cut fabric with. Why not buy a cheapo pair of sewing scissors.

    It's eye bolts and s hooks.

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