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[Comments] (1) : I thought this comic verse would be pretty funny, but upon examination none of it is as good as the stanza that made me laugh in the first place:

  The Bard subsists on simpler food:
    A dinner, not severely plain,
  A pint or so of really good

I don't understand anything about poetic meter or why one meter is funny and another one is serious, but that one's funny. It's a meter with a punchline.

[Comments] (5) Humanocentrism: "Ever wondered what form your favorite Transformers would take if they existed in different eras?" Presumably they would look a lot like they normally do, since they're aliens from another planet and not restricted to Earth's current level of technology.

Just part of my longstanding tradition of taking the logic of Transformers at face value when nobody else does.

Amazing New Web Meme: that I just made up. Reveal interesting Wikipedia articles you looked at recently.

Unfortunately, this web meme has no way of propagating, so it is sure to die out. Just like the laser harp.

Language Games: A while back I designed a game involving the unreliability of translations and the mendacity of translators. One requirement for playing the game without finding it extremely tedious was some automated tool for garbling a message by using an automatic translator to translate it back and forth. Multibabel is the kind of thing I had in mind.

For a while before I A game was designed; Non- reliability of conversion and the inclusion of mendacity of translator. Boredom without finding that very, one condition in order to do the game went the tool which in order to distort message with use to converting that of the automatic translator on front and back is automated. Multibabel There is a kind of thing which I had with heart.

: For a while now I've been looking for a way of keeping track of my various lists of books and cultural artifacts. I want a website that offers a web service interface so I can munge my list of books a million ways. This quest of mine has gotten me into all kinds of trouble and I'm still using a series of parallel Amazon wish lists because they at least have a web service interface for getting the list of books.

The latest entrant into this fray is lib.rario.us, which looks just like del.icio.us except it's for keeping track of things that have an ASIN or ISBN. I like the del.icio.us interface a lot (mainly because it's easy to hide it behind a NewsBruiser interface), but lib.rario.us doesn't offer even one tiny web service.

Amazingly, though, the traditional del.icio.us rip-off name proves itself useful for once: it's given me the obvious-in-retrospect idea of just using del.icio.us to keep track of my wish list. Use it as a platform. Why didn't I think of that before? It could work, once I put up something between me and del.icio.us that looks up ISBNs from titles.

[Comments] (1) Paleoworld: This is a whole documentary series (on the Science Channel... OF SCIENCE!) about dinosaurs. I guess it could be about other paleo-things but I only seem to see the ones about dinosaurs. Sample shows: "The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt" and tonight's episode, "Troodon: Dinosaur Genius". It's really good to listen to while making dinner because it's about stuff that's extinct. All they can do is circular pans around models of the dinosaurs, and pictures of paleontologists digging in the desert. So you're not missing anything by just listening to it.

"Troodon: Dinosaur Genius" is about the Troodon, which had an opposable finger and the largest brain/body mass ratio of any dinosaur. Pretty soon the documentary will reach the traditional "unwarranted extrapolation" phase, where people will speculate that, were it not for the K/T event, Troodon could have continued its trend towards greater intelligence and become a sentient lizardoid species. Yes, just like in that episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

The main problem with Paleoworld is that there's no warning when it goes to commercial, and the voiceover announcer for the show sounds just like the voiceover announcer in the commercials. So you hear things like this. "But the story of Troodon does not end here. It launches us from the dinosaur age to the space age. The latest Mars Orbiter is about to arrive!" And "Troodon was a dinosaur with incomparable brainpower. All of us have internal plumbing. But sometimes our pipes doesn't work as well as they should."

I once worked with a guy who was going to voiceover school nights, and he said that there is a standard set of voices that you learn in voiceover school. I guess this is so the school and employers can grade you on an objective scale, but it's really creating a voiceover monoculture.


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