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[Comments] (4) : Once again, only ONE MAN dares give me comic constraints. In addition to breaking the 200-recipes-edited mark today, I created my own Cat and Girl, in the spirit of the original. The constraints were:


Posted by Brendan at Fri Mar 31 2006 08:48


Posted by Leonard at Fri Mar 31 2006 09:20

If you like it so much, send me some constraints for another one!

Posted by Factitious at Fri Mar 31 2006 12:34

*The strip should start with a bad pun, and deal with the repercussions of that pun.

*At least three panels must be in languages other than English; understanding them should be helpful but not necessary for appreciating the comic.

*Cat wins.

Posted by Kevan at Fri Mar 31 2006 13:46

* The first line of dialogue should be taken from a recent entry in a weblog you've read today.

* The strip should contain a complete recipe (simplified as much as you like, but enough that someone could reasonably prepare it from those instructions).

* Neither Cat nor Girl should appear visibly in the comic.

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