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[Comments] (5) : Sorry for no NYCB. Very busy editing book. Despite many peoples' help, still no progress on finding that time-and-consciousness paper. I'll probably take the reference out. Unrelatedly, has anyone seen this movie?


Posted by E. at Wed Apr 05 2006 22:28

VERY RELATED: you must go see at least the first few minutes of this movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081054/

Posted by FA22 at Thu Apr 06 2006 16:01

I think the problem is you tried to measure the position and velocity of the paper simultaneously and collapsed its wave function.

You got to give us more clues on your time and consciousness paper. Did it mention Maxwell's Demon? Did it mention the arrow of time? Did it mention, Roger Penrose? Wilder Penfield? Franic Crick and "Astonishing Hypothesis"? What specific aspect are you trying to reference? Entropy? Incompleteness? Chaikin's Omega, Komologrov Complexity? Was it the size of a fox terrier?

Posted by FA22 at Thu Apr 06 2006 16:03

A del.icio.us search for "time physics consciousness" yields one relevant link:


Posted by Leonard at Thu Apr 06 2006 16:06

It think it mentioned the arrow of time. It might have mentioned Roger Penrose. The part I'm trying to reference is the idea that the existence of consciousness depends on time having a prefered direction.

Posted by FA22 at Thu Apr 06 2006 17:58

I came across this:


Seems to explain it all.

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