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You Won't Believe The Cardinality Of The Set Of Twists: I'm getting pretty good at figuring out the twist in Hitchcock movies (except I don't remember North by Northwest really having a twist). The only problem is that the movie is never as long as Tivo says it is, so I'm second-guessing myself right until I see "The End", whether the twist happened for real, or whether it will be reversed by another twist before the end of the movie. So even when I guess correctly, modern technology enforces Hitchcock's idea of suspense: that you know the Titanic will sink, but you don't know when. Hmm, maybe the twist gets reversed after the end of the movie. That would be... quite the twist!

: I just saw a spam weblog that takes incoming search requests, reproduces the search to get some results, and chops up one of the results to create a weblog entry. I think there must be a non-spam possibility in there. Also a pony.

Also, I think this is the first review of my music not written by someone who knows me.

There are some twisted songs out on the net, and if you search for the good stuff, you're bound to come across a couple that, bad as they are, they're really catchy, and you laugh everytime you even think about the song.

Bad but catchy: that's me.

Incidentally, my gee-tars were delivered the other day, so once the book is done and I'm in the post-book era I can resume recording my new album.


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