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[Comments] (2) Zardoz: Andy came over and we watched Zardoz. Sumana left after the first ten minutes. We watched the whole thing apart from some Tivo-skipping during two extremely long repetitive scenes. I think people get distracted by the visuals of that movie because the plot is not that complicated. Some of the visuals are great and some (ie. Sean Connery's costume) are terrible. I liked it better than Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Save your breath, Jake.

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Posted by Claudia at Tue Apr 11 2006 20:14

When I read the first sentence I thought you were talking about my Andy. My Andy likes (to make fun of) Zardoz and loves to make people watch it, including me.

Posted by jcoab brenendes at Thu Apr 13 2006 01:48

it's cool, i like a lot of things more than max mad beyond thunderdome. rice milk, for example.

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