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[Comments] (5) : I realize that this is my third entry on the topic, but the Cookbook is now 100% done and submitted.


Posted by Brian at Sat Apr 15 2006 14:34


Posted by Kevan at Sat Apr 15 2006 21:14

It always takes me a moment to remember that this isn't an actual food cookbook, whenever you mention it. And I'm always slightly disappointed that it isn't.

Your Ruby programming is apparently better than eating out, though. Maybe I should try it.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Apr 15 2006 21:20


Posted by Leonard at Sat Apr 15 2006 21:31

There's a food cookbook called "Ruby Cookbook" (it shows up in the book, actually, in a code sample for "Searching for Books on Amazon.com"). The person making that list probably confused the two.

If I write a food cookbook I want to call it "Rooby Cookbook" or something just to add to the confusion.

Posted by Brendan at Mon Apr 17 2006 09:27


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