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[Comments] (7) Bridezilla and Groomera: Yesterday Sumana and I got married! Yes, we did. Here are all the details.

We got married in the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park. Nandini, Andy, and Camille were there. The officiant was the Reverend Tony Johnson. We read our weblog proposals to each other, and also poems. I read Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, and Sumana read Yevgeny Yevtushenko's "Colors".

Then we were married! It was awesome. We devoured snacks that I brought: pears, pear-based muffins, and brownies. Camille left to go to work, but Nandini, Andy, Sumana and I went to Belvedere Castle and looked down at the turtles in the turtle pond.

So far we've gotten two gifts! (But don't send us more gifts; see below). Andy's family gave us a great new Shun knife with a caricature of Alton Brown's face on it--a knife that claims to be dishwasher safe! And Brendan and Maria sent us a bamboo steamer, in reference to when they were in New York and I went with them and a friend to Joe's Shanghai in Flushing and ate juicy dumplings.

So, instead of gifts, we would like you to send us advice about marriage. And nice letters. Sumana says that if you want to spend money, you should give to one of the charities Steve and Alice listed when they got married, starting here. Also, Sumana needs a new Brita pitcher and a bookcase that folds up--but don't tell her I said so!

Nandini and Camille took pictures, so soon you'll be able to see pictures.

[Comments] (2) Wedding Pictures: From Camille. Try this one and also this one, where I'm on the phone with Sumana's mother.


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