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[Comments] (2) : I am in Bakersfield taking care of my mother and it is stressful. Today I got a little freelance work done though.

I heard from Michael that the Ruby cookbook is in the neighborhood of 900 pages. That's as big as the second editions of the Perl and Python Cookbooks, which makes sense because it's got about as many recipes. We just didn't know before because the wiki doesn't automatically generate the Docbook output that gets printed on pages.

900 pages! I wrote a Neal Stephenson book! (Sumana: "Does it have an ending?" Me: "No, it just kind of ends." Sumana: "Yup.")


Posted by Sean Neakums at Sat Apr 29 2006 05:03

I hope there is at least a bright, thick river of gold.

Posted by Sumana at Sat Apr 29 2006 10:50

It would be cool (though unwieldy) to have the royalties creep in as a river of gold.

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