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[Comments] (4) A People Kill B People: Last ninja: 'Be able to kill your students'. Wouldn't that result in a strictly decreasing quality of ninja over time?

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Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Sat Apr 29 2006 18:50

That's why he's the last ninja.

Posted by Brendan at Sat Apr 29 2006 22:05

Hmm, not necessarily. Presumably if the master is unable to kill one of his students, that student will kill him back and become the new teacher, leading to a sustained or rising competency of masters over time.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Apr 29 2006 23:51

But that would represent a failure of the master's philosophy. A formula for ninja excellence would be "train your students to kill you".

Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Sun Apr 30 2006 02:23

Unfortunately, individual ninjas tend to be more concerned with self-preservation than advancement of the species.

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