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[Comments] (1) Loaf Is Weird Food: Exhibit A: Jennifer McCann's Vegan Loaf Web Application at Vegan Lunch Box, one of what I hope will eventually be one of many applications that let you explore a parameterized space of related dishes. In this case, dishes made out of separately-edible items all mashed together with binder.

As with anything, if you put it on the web I'll randomize it. Thus, my latest feature, Mystery Loaf. It names and creates a new dish every five minutes. Eating them is your problem.

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Posted by Jack Masters at Wed Jul 12 2006 16:58

I'd like to reply to a post you made years ago, in the proud tradition of newbie forumgoers.

>Man or Butterfly? First In A Series: I dreamed that I ate
>some food which contained a powerful sedative. I began to
>drop off, my mind wandering, losing control of my muscles...
>I woke up.

I had essentially the same thing happen to me recently

There was a woman who made a deal with the devil so that she, and her husband, and her brother in law, and a bus full of random tourists or boy scouts or something, could all live forever in a far country filled with flowers and no other people. In return, every night when she slept she would have to be witness to her brother in law's horrible nightmares, which didn't bother him but scared her terribly.

The way the immortality worked, every day they would wake up in their old lives, remembering everything they had done in the other country with the flowers, and then satan and his minions would knock them out and transport them there by a means unknown to me. Twice I witnessed the preperations for this. There was a large wading pool full of some cement-like substance which hardened into an atomic bomb. It was marked with complex diagrams indicating the patterns of explosive force. Satan was whacking it with a hammer. At one point, both times, he injured his hand, and said of the atomic bomb "this thing needs lubrication".

The second time, I said "It's solid-state, it can't need lubrication. It has no moving parts" to which he replied "yeah, shut up". I was somewhat confused as to who would be playing the various roles this time around, and it was explained to me that the people with the tranquilizer guns would be disguised as movie producers from the 60s and 70s. There were two of them, and they shot me with tranq darts that looked like big red thumbtacks. One hit me in the forearm. I made several comments about the effects before quickly passing out, upon which I woke up.

I think the reason it happens is that the physical sensation of passing out is actually fairly intense, or at least unfamiliar.

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