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Couscous: By popular demand the couscous recipe.

Okay. Drain the tofu, slice it into rectangles, fry it in peanut oil, slice it into strips.

Boil the olive oil and broth. Pour it on the couscous and fluff with a fork. Dump in all the other ingredients and mix it up some more.

Tastes like a particulate Cobb salad or something.

I've Got Radioactive Blood: Went to the dentist today, where there was a Spider-Man poster in the X-ray room. The dentist is oriented towards kids, but is that the best place for Spider-Man?

Relatedly, my cousin Jill came to visit with her friend today. Said friend recounted a story of overhearing one of her sons saying to the other, "No, let it bite you, and you'll get superpowers like Spider-Man!" Friend put a stop to that right quick.

Can't think of a punchline, so I'll delegate to Penny Arcade. It's one of those ones where the punchline is in the first panel.


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