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Google Code: A couple weeks ago I talked with Jason Robbins about my new book project. Jason works at Google, along with Greg Stein and several of the other people I respected most at CollabNet.

Jason pointed out that usually when you make a decision it's like the poem from high school, where you never find out what would have happened to your life if you'd chosen differently. But occasionally you do get a glimpse. He said that soon I would get a glimpse of what I'd be doing if I'd gone to work at Google with Greg and him.

And so I have. It seems I would be working on Google Code, a site for hosting open source projects a lot like Tigris and the other CollabNet software development sites.

Hum. Okay, Google is probably a more fun place to work than CollabNet, and Google Code has some great features (I like the radically simple approach to bug tracking). But I don't think Counterfactual Leonard would be happy quitting one job in frustration only to go do another one that's basically the same. I think I'm happier on the road less travelled.

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