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[Comments] (3) Conservation of Commas: When I was about eight my mother told me a story that took place while she was clerking law. There was a lawsuit between someone who wanted something built, and the builder they'd hired to build it. The contract read something like "The builder who is responsible for the inspection shall...". It should have read "The builder, who is responsible for the inspection, shall...".

The builder came to court and shrugged its collective shoulders comically and said that it had never heard about these other builders or which one of them was responsible for the inspection, but the contract gave it no reason to believe that it was that unfortunate builder.

Ever since then I wondered what happened to those commas. Now thanks to Teresa Nielsen Hayden I see that one of them has shown up in Canada. Where's the other one?

Ruby Cookbook PDF: Lots of people were disappointed that there was no downloadable PDF copy of the Ruby Cookbook for sale. Well, now there is! Lucas and I convinced O'Reilly to make it available as a PDF for half off the cover price. And it looks like they might be headed that way in general. (Update: two sources confirm they are.) Our place in history is secure!

[Comments] (3) Dada Maps: In 1996 I cut up a road atlas and pasted it into an AAA map of southern California. Because the scales were different, a major highway in one part of the country would feed into a street on the LA detail of the road map. This was my Dada Road Map.

I got this map laminated, but I always thought my craftsmanship on it was rather shoddy, so I never hung it up. Recently I foisted it on Jake Berendes, who pretended to appreciate it.

But once I got it out of my head, a similar idea took its place. Google Maps has pregenerated static image tiles for maps at different scales, and it wouldn't be hard to write a program that tiled them together like Google Maps does, except not helpfully.

So I present Dada Maps, which uses tiles from all over the world to create a new evocative map every 5 minutes. It's what I wanted my earlier project to look like, and it's not subject to scarcity. Enjoy!


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