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Plane Crazy Three Ways: Went to Jones Beach with Kevin Marshall. A popular hobby at beaches in New York is hiring planes to fly over the ocean trailing advertising banners. You're not having fun here if nobody's monetizing your experience. We saw three ridiculous banners.

One was for Bud Lite. I guess if you're spending a million dollars a day or whatever on advertising, hiring an airplane to fly over a beach is just a drop in the ocean. But it's not neccessary, because the Budweiser brand is one of those select few that's associated with the concept of obnoxious advertising in general. Ask someone: "Say you're at the beach and someone flies a plane in front of you. What is the plane advertising?" "Uh, Bud Lite?" You don't need to hire an advertising plane, because any advertising plane makes people think of your product.

One was for Snakes on a Plane. It had a picture of a snake, and it said "Snakes + Plane = In theaters August 18th". As much as I would like to believe that there were promotional snakes on the plane that pulled that banner, I know that that's not true. The banner merely called attention to one of the many planes above this planet that contain no snakes at all. Was this a good marketing move? I don't know, but this is a ridiculous B-movie-style movie being marketed as an A-movie.

The other airborne banner was the most ridiculous yet. It was tied to its plane by two tethers, which somehow had folded the banner up so that the advertising was not visible to anyone on the beach. It was as obnoxious as the other two ads, but there was no content. Made me think of Bud Lite for some reason.

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