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Autograph Apology: To a guy whose Cookbook I autographed at LinuxWorld. I don't remember your name but your last name had two Ts at the end. When I autograph books I write down random cliches for the inscriptions. I do this because I have a mental picture of cliches being harmless by definition, so that I can pick them at random and make people's lives more interesting without offending them. But in your case I picked a cliche used in a dismissive or derogatory manner:"Take a picture, it'll last longer". I hope you don't think that I think this cliche applies to our conversation or our author-reader relationship or some perceived slight on your part; I just picked it at random.

So I'm sorry I gave you a lousy inscription, and I hope you don't feel insulted. If you're reading this, I'm happy to send you a replacement sticker-inscription with the cliche of your choice. Or you can just keep it around to embarass me with my own callousness.

To everyone else: enjoy your cliche-inscribed Cookbooks!

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