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[Comments] (6) Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel: I used to wonder if Germans ever made up really really long words just as a joke. I stopped wondering this when I saw das Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel, a production of German video game weblog antigames.de. Then I translated "Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel" as "Antigames birthday dinosaur contest", and I started wondering again. It sure looks funny but was it intended to be? Presumably that's just how you say "birthday dinosaur contest", and maybe it's acceptable to incorporate the name of your website in a word. The German sense of humor is a mystery to me.

Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel (I can almost pronounce that now) is a Something Awful-style Photoshop contest presenting video game screenshots that have been modified to include a dinosaur. This is in accordance with Kevan's discovery that any game can be made more fun by the addition of dinosaurs. The winners are here and here. Highlights include Tetris, Grand Theft Auto, and Nintendogs.

I discovered Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel via referer logs, when a post-contest entry presented Nethack with dinosaurs, and a commenter pointed out that I already put dinosaurs in Nethack.

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Here we go again... ;)

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