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[Comments] (3) Nethackdinosaurierunddeutschdiskussionsbeitrag: The German long-name-making-up question is resolved thanks to Antigames's own Richard (surname presumably not Leonardson), in his entry on the Nethack dinosaur patch. I turned his entry and my previous one into this exclusive fake interview, in which for the first time both sides of the interview are made of quotes taken out of context:

Leonard: I used to wonder if Germans ever made up really really long words just as a joke.

Richard: Yes, we do. You can stop wondering. Really. Stop.

Leonard: "Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel" sure looks funny but was it intended to be?

Richard: It does and it was.

Leonard: Presumably that's just how you say "birthday dinosaur contest".

Richard: Yes, that' s really how you say it.

Leonard: And maybe it's acceptable to incorporate the name of your website in a word.

Richard: Nope, usually not acceptable. Any OTHER questions?

Leonard: Die deutsche Richtung der Stimmung ist ein Geheimnis zu mir.

Richard: Lake, it' s funny because… uh… wave, because. Oh, what the brightly, it' s A mystery tons of ME, too. Happy now?

Actually I should have realized that the German sense of humor is not that much of a mystery; the Antigamesgeburtstagsdinosauriergewinnspiel proves that Germans speak the universal language of Photoshop contests. Only unresolved question: is there a German word for the habit of making up humorous long German words?


Posted by Richard at Tue Aug 29 2006 12:03

Of course there is. We call it "Komikkompositaerstellungsangewohnheitschnitzel".

Posted by Chris at Tue Aug 29 2006 17:29

Schnitzel? Wieso Schnitzel? :)

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