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Ambush Bugaroo Banzai: Sumana and I went to Midtown Comics and I bought some Ambush Bug comics, including the two specials, which I hadn't read before. Now my collection is complete! IN MY MIND. On my bookshelf I've only got four comic books.

These were the first comic books I've ever bought, so this is a big step for me. I also got an issue of Hero Squared, written by Ambush Bug creator Keith Giffen. It's kind of funny in a wacky-sitcom way but lacks the Marx Brothers anarchy of Ambush Bug which is what made me actually go out and buy a comic book. I also got an issue of the aforementioned Buckaroo Banzai comic book, which is not really very funny at all but is great if you like Earl Mac Rauch's Buckaroo Banzai worldbuilding. Though the passage of time has made Buckaroo Banzai seem less eccentric, and more isolated from society and even vaguely sinister.

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