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[Comments] (2) Durian Milkshake: We are moved out. We're in Bakersfield now. I drove us down last night rather than spend another dismal night in our empty apartment. Sumana has details if you want them. I would rather talk about the durian milkshake.

Yesterday I went with Dan, Beril, and Kevin to the Vietnamese restaurant near CollabNet. They (the restaurant) recently changed their name and rearranged their menu a little, so now it features clip art and pixellated pictures of food. It also features milkshakes that star the fruits of southeast Asia, including a durian milkshake. I ordered a durian milkshake.

The durian milkshake didn't smell bad (probably made from frozen durian) and it didn't taste good (turns out I don't like durian), so it was an all-around disappointment. But it's a cheap and harmless way to claim you've eaten durian.

: Bread author Peter Reinhart has a weblog, and on that weblog he has a post, looking for recipe testers for his the whole grains book he's working on.

: Do you crave more than 100 amazing facts about Jake Berendes? Now there's hope!


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