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[Comments] (4) Blood Orange Juice: We have an apartment now, though we probably won't actually move in until the end of the week. It's in a nice part of Astoria which we wandered around today to get the lay of the land. There's a really crowded grocery store, which will probably be our main grocery store since it's right near the subway stop, but a couple blocks off to the side there's a nearly deserted grocery store specializing in Eastern European stuff. I took a shine to this grocery store since it wasn't crowded with people, and peeked at its goods. When I saw the Tetra-Pak containers of juice I had to scour them for the long-lost treasure of the past: blood orange juice! They have it! It's $2 a quart, much more expensive than the stuff Susanna brought back from Romania if you ignore the cost of going to Romania to get it; but it's delicious (not as good as the Romanian stuff; maybe I need to try another brand).


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