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[Comments] (4) : Still sick. Jake, I don't think I can make your show tomorrow because I need to unload the shipping container tomorrow and I may not survive. How long are you in town? Can we meet some other way?


Posted by jcoab brenendes at Thu Jan 19 2006 22:25

nice try, leonardr! our jersey show on saturday got canceled so we'll be kicking around an extra night, and possibly playing another show or maybe two. get me your phone number.

just in case, and for everyone else, the show tomorrow is at 131 tompkins, take the L to the G and the G to mytle/willobee (sp?). starts at 8ish.

Posted by jcoab brenendes at Thu Jan 19 2006 22:26

that's awkward

Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 21 2006 00:41

Thanks for calling me. It was nice to talk to you! John says to post pics of your new place.


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