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[Comments] (1) : Yesterday I spent some quality time with Jake Berendes; the first time we'd met or talked on the phone in the nine years we've known each other. We ate some pitas, walked around Astoria, and because I don't have my guitars yet the closest thing we could do to a jam session was to make up drum loops with Hydrogen. When I was with Jake I felt the laws of comedy compelling me to be Oliver Hardy, because Jake is such an outlier on the Stan Laurel side of the scale.

We are Internet squatters, taking a little bit of bandwidth from our neighbor NETGEAR. I am back to work on the Cookbook, which is now available! That is, the embarassing rough draft we're still working on is now available, thanks to O'Reilly's perfidious new "Rough Cuts" program. You can read my writing this very minute and then complain about it directly to me. There's one really awful recipe which I was hoping to replace with a better one before this happened, but I didn't get to it in time. Anyway, it'll improve the final quality of the book, though I'm a little distressed by the estimated publication date of September. I was hoping it would be out around July.


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