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Tristram Shandy: We are having fun going to Manhattan for some purpose or other and getting in some wandering around time. I am discovering that some places are more fun to wander around than others; some have interesting things like Japanese pastry shops and some have nothing but expensive trattorias.

Today we came fr'over the short sea to see Tristram Shandy, which started out really well and then it got all Adaptiony which I could have done without. All extant material on this film (including the film itself) alleges that the source material is "unfilmable", but they were doing a really good job of filming it until they decided to stop. I'm going to be charitable and say they just didn't have enough money to film the whole thing as a period piece. It reminded me that I need to read the book, though. It's kind of sad how public domain books I download don't actually go into my book queue because of the physical stacks of non-public-domain books taking up space in my house and bugging me to read them.

I really like the idea of the Japanese pastry shop, but the thing I tried (a sherbet jelly made of grapes) just tastes like an Otter Pop. Here's some of the other stuff they had.


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