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Sunday Fun: The meeting-people juggernaut rolls on as today we hung out with Camille! She showed us around Brooklyn and we ate brunch at a Southernish restaurant called Enid's, a "Williamsburg hipster HQ" according to a website I just found while Googling for an epithet to give it. There were a lot of hipster-looking folk there, including one Camille had had an unpleasant encounter with earlier. She was a little worried but not much because "it's not very hipster to exact revenge."

Then we went to another restaurant for dessert but the portions were really small. Camille vows that next time we will do things old-fashioned Brooklyn diner style so we can have huge pieces of pie.

Camille is somehow representing or works to book gigs for musicians. She was trying to expand her business and branch out, but then she decided to just go for a niche and own it. Her niche is "eclectic" musicians (eclectic as a group, or, I suppose, individually), so she'll find gigs for you if your act is just a guy with a zither and a girl with a triangle. Very vaudeville-like.

We also went over to see this exhibition of black-box analog synthesizers. Most of them did not respond well to my twiddlings, but I got a good sound out of one of them: a sort of funky metronome beat with Star Trek: TOS ship effects on top of it. People I thought about telling about this exhibit in a gloating manner: Jake, Seth, Brian Behlendorf. Then I decided that doing that would be equivalent to gloating that I lived in New York, rather than that I had gotten a chunk of culture into my otherwise philistine system, which isn't something I should gloat about.


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