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: Today: loaded stuff up. Strained back slightly. Can't think of anything else to write. Ideas?

[Comments] (3) : Susan McCarthy came over and we talked a bit. Her agent says that books about the sea are really hot right now, but she doesn't have any ideas for such books. I came up with a couple ideas but I guess I should write them instead of her. I bet you could do a project on whale falls (q.v.) and write a book about that. Also I think a book about the deep sea would be a real hot seller.

I don't know much about the deep sea so I was thinking of writing a book that was just full of lies. Some people might call this "fiction" but these would be real actual lies. It would be okay because they would be funny lies, like the coffinfish interview. Actually this is starting to sound like an interesting book project, though somewhat different from the book ideas I brainstormed with Michael yesterday.


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