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[Comments] (5) Thought Experiment: Which single Unicode character would convey the most information, say, on a sign?


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Mon Jan 09 2006 02:10

Well, I'd go for the kanji with the most complicated meaning, but a sign is context-dependent. Most of the information conveyed comes from the surroundings.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jan 09 2006 02:14

If there were a symbol whose information context was greatly boosted by a tiny bit of context it would be a strong contender.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jan 09 2006 02:22

Er, "information content". Not doing so well tonight.

Posted by pedro at Mon Jan 09 2006 10:14

The sign is "WARNING: i CROSSING" and it is outside a math building. It has both complex internal meaning and context.


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