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[Comments] (6) Powers of 2 Breakfast: I make this for Sumana a couple times a week.

Drain beans and mash with peppers. Scramble eggs. Serve on warm tortillas. Add anything that you would put on a burrito: salsa, yogurt, cheese, greens, guacamole, etc. It's filling and tasty.

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Posted by Sumana at Sun Oct 08 2006 01:05

It is so, so tasty. I love it with tomato, lettuce, and hot sauce.

Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 09 2006 18:15

mmm tacos... so hungry!

Posted by Alyson at Mon Oct 09 2006 23:29

Chipotle in adobo sauce, or plain, fresh chipotle? Wow, and hot sauce. Volcano mouth.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Oct 09 2006 23:30

Sumana, you know how it is when your husband is out of town. . . :)

Posted by Leonard at Tue Oct 10 2006 09:14

I think there's no such thing as fresh chipotle. You have to dry a jalapeno to get chipotle. Anyway, I use the ones in sauce.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Oct 10 2006 14:00

I didn't know a chipotle is simple a dried jalapeno. Cool.

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