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Applesauce: Recently I've been baking sweets with applesauce instead of butter to make them more healthy. I've had very good results with cakelike substances like brownies (that recipe discovered while I was staying with Jake), but cookies eluded me. I think the explanation is that applesauce can make a cookie moist, but it can't bind the cookie together. Applesauce cookies end up squishy.

Fortunately, you can use a separate binder that's tasty and goes will with cookies: oatmeal. I got this idea from the fatless cookies at a weird restaurant near Sumana's work that caters to bodybuilders. Today I made these cookies that use an insane amount of oatmeal. And they're pretty good. Applesauce brownies make a pretty good substitute for butter brownies. These cookies are a different animal from a typical oatmeal cookie, but they're definitely tasty.


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