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Sumana Guest Entry #2:

Planespotting geeks have been instrumental in breaking the CIA secret prisons story. This doesn't endear them to the military:

A few months later, Ray learned through "back channels" that his post about the Base Camp planes had caused heads to roll somewhere in the shadowy world of military "black ops." Apparently, someone, somewhere, had lost a job because of Ray's photos. At a desert bar, one of his friends -- a man with an unspecified connection to Base Camp -- warned him over beers to "stop messing with those Base Camp guys or you'll wind up dead in the desert with two bullets in the back of your head."

"Wouldn't one bullet be enough?" asked Ray.

Leonard suggests that even the Lone Gunmen would not have said anything so nerdy. I find in Ray's response a kinship to the old joke about the lawyer, the doctor, and the engineer about to be guillotined. The blade doesn't drop on the first two, so they're freed. Then the engineer lies down and says, "Well, there's your problem...."


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