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[Comments] (5) Trivia: Did you know that the Three Stooges were briefly Nethack characters?


Posted by Kevan at Thu Oct 19 2006 05:02

Yes, except that I'd forgotten. They must have been in the Atari ST version I was playing in the early nineties (which required a second floppy drive for its scratch files).

Posted by Leonard at Thu Oct 19 2006 08:34

I had either 1.4f or some version of PC Hack, before I got into BBSes and found 3.1 and the excellent WCST spoilers.

Posted by Pthag at Thu Oct 19 2006 10:45

Why did they take them out?

Posted by pedro at Sat Oct 21 2006 15:14

Read the linked article -- they apparently were a significant cause of YASD.

Posted by pedro at Sat Oct 21 2006 15:15

...if you suffer from YASD, ask your doctor if Nethack is right for you.

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