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[Comments] (3) : Sumana informed me of the latest trend: ego-searching Google Code Search to see how widely your software and memes have been incorporated. My name is mostly in peoples' copies of Beautiful Soup, but I did find a Python implementation of a robotfindskitten game from 2004, long predating my own Python implementation. It's called pirhanafindshappiness and it is a bit different from stock rfk. There's also a dice-rolling program I wrote in QBasic in 1993, which ended up on Da Warren.

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Posted by Kevan at Fri Oct 06 2006 18:32

Two of my three are you crediting me for an idea. Does this give me a Richardson Number of 1?

Posted by Leonard at Fri Oct 06 2006 18:35

I dunno if that's what I want my number to be, but let's go with that for now.


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