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[Comments] (3) Involuntary NaNoWriMo: Several people I know are doing NaNoWriMo, including some of Sumana's coworkers. Sumana was tempted to do it but I told her she has too much else she has to do. I'm tempted to do it as well, but I already have a book deadline at the end of the month. So it's like I'm doing it already but not getting credit.


Posted by Rachel at Fri Nov 03 2006 12:29

Is there a rule that says nano has to be fiction? or do numbers not count as words? I have no idea... but I think as long as I am in school my nano days are over.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Nov 03 2006 12:31

It says "novel" right in the title. I'm not Truman Capote so I think my non-fiction novels don't count.

If anyone's interested, I've written about 80k words in the past couple of months, fiction and non.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Nov 05 2006 18:12

blah blah blah the concepts of fiction and non-fiction are constructed anyway blah blah blah post-modernism blah what?

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