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[Comments] (1) : Continuing my habit of clicking on Kris's ads I found the comic strip Station V3, which combines a ShaBot-esque sense of gag-based humor with a pretty good psychological study of being posted to a space station where nothing ever happens and you're surrounded by other dysfunctional people. A dimension that could be exploited to great effect by any number of other big-name media brands (I'm looking at you, Beetle Bailey), but never seems to be.

Strip includes cute fishlike aliens, and outdoes Battlestar Galactica in the low-tech science fiction aesthetic sweepstakes by having not just big clunky phones but big clunky payphones. Also you probably know this, but if you like science fiction comics with big space opera arcs and good character development you should check out Schlock Mercenary.

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Posted by Camilla Whitney at Wed Nov 08 2006 22:45

I've had the pleasure of meeting Howard Taylor a few times in my life. He is awesome.


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