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: OK, here's the deal. On any given day I can do book writing or I can write one of those big ole weblog entries. Today was book writing day. I got the "Writing Clients" chapter more or less done, bringing us to our milestone of having drafts of half the chapters. This is one of those milestones where I get paid, so I'm happy.

The Ajax chapter is also done, and I'd like someone who knows more than I do (ie. something) about Ajax to look at it.

: Picked Sumana up at work and walked down to Chelsea for dinner. My first choice, "Elmo", had no vegetarian entrees, so we went to a nearby place called Food Bar (not Foo Bar) that was good. We then walked to the Strand, where giveaway copies of books go to die, and Sumana found some cheap books she wanted. A nice evening out and a relief from looking at a computer screen all day.


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