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[Comments] (5) The Rite of First Sale: Earlier I declared, "I've never done so much work for a hundred dollars." Well, I'm moving up in the world, because now I've never done so much work for two hundred dollars. I got email today saying that Futurismic bought my story Mallory!

This is great news for me as it demonstrates that I can write fiction people will buy. Look for it sometime next year, probably a little before the REST book is published.

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Posted by Riana at Sun Nov 12 2006 21:56

Suh-WEET! Congratulations, Leonard!

Posted by jaacob at Sun Nov 12 2006 23:28

this rules! congrats! i can't wait to see how much work you've never done for three hundred dollars!

Posted by pedro at Mon Nov 13 2006 10:02

congrats, man.

Posted by rachel at Mon Nov 13 2006 10:51

my comment didn't post. =( congrats!!! =)

Posted by Adam P. at Tue Nov 14 2006 10:14

Hey, that's great news. Congratulations!

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