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1995 Follies: Sumana did a presentation for her corporate finance class where she pretended she was a Morgan Stanley investment banker trying to get people to invest in Netscape pre-IPO. I suggested she start off by saying "I bring you tidings... FROM THE FUTURE!". She said "That's basically what she [the professor] explicitly said we couldn't do."

So instead she talked about Netscape's server business and the promise of the web and blah and blah. There were Powerpoint slides, which seems somewhat anachronistic for 1995.

Anyway, this morning we were doing a postmortem, and the conversation turned toward the mid-90s integration of the proprietary online networks (Compuserve, AOL, etc.) into the Internet. Specifically, the common shunning of AOL users. Any mention of shunning calls to Sumana's mind Gentlemen's Agreement, specifically the scene where Gregory Peck can't get a room at a New England inn.

"Yes, I'd like a room." <- Rugged Gregory Peck voice
"Certainly, sir, I think we can accommodate you. If you'll just put your email address down to get on our mailing list."
"Ah. Oh, I see, sir. I'll be quietly shunning you now, sir. It's a free service we provide... FOR THOSE WE DON'T GIVE ROOMS."

: Well, my performance in this year's Nethack tournament was pretty lousy, mainly because it wasn't until around Tuesday that I thought "Hm, what would be fun to do in spare moments right around now? Oh yeah, Nethack." I did have one good character but killed her off stupidly.

Almost all of REST Web Services so far is rewritten and in Docbook. I planned to get the whole thing done by the end of the month, but that's just another goal I didn't meet: still have half a chapter to redo. I'm very happy with the first 5 chapters so far, though. Total length in O'Reilly's stylesheet is 200 pages. Again, email me if you want to read the REST book as I write it.


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