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Daylight Come And It Won't Go Home: I probably shouldn't have announced my book project on a Friday afternoon. In my defense, yesterday I thought it was Wednesday. But the book gotten a huge reception to the point that I can only hope we can meet everyone's expectations. A huge number of smart people want to review the book so I feel pretty good about it.

Let me talk about light pollution. Recently I moved to a place where I have around 18 million neighbors. A lot of these people like to leave lights on at night. The effect is that every night the sky glows about as bright as the full moon (there's also a full moon tonight, which isn't helping). With curtains I can get a simalcrum of darkness, but I haven't seen (or, rather, been unable to see) real night darkness in months.

Now, I've seen the stars and they're not going anywhere, I don't need to look at the stars every night, but this lack of darkness is taking a toll on me. We're now at a point where there's about the same amount of ambient light from 5PM to 7AM, and the rest of the time there's normal daylight. I've never had any problems with SAD before I moved to New York, so I think it's not the darkness that's bothering me; it's the fact that it never gets really dark.


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