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open-uri ought to be a REST client: I spent a lot of time and used a lot of pages in the Ruby Cookbook showing how to use Net:HTTP to build more and more capable HTTP clients that hid the hairiness of Net:HTTP. But in truth the open-uri library, which we only covered a little, supports almost every feature you could want from an HTTP client library: custom headers, proxies, transparent HTTPS with cert validation, even automatic handling of the redirects it's okay to handle automatically. And the interface couldn't be simpler: it overloads Kernel#open so that you can open an HTTP request like a file, and read the response like data from a filehandle.

I'd like to recommend open-uri for everything, including as a client for REST web services, but there are two big features it's missing. You can't use any HTTP method other than GET, and you can't send any body data (which makes sense if GET is the only supported method). Lately I've been building on my Cookbook work, coming closer and closer towards a general HTTP client library for Ruby, but really all I'm doing is reinventing open-uri with two extra features. It would be a lot better to just add those features to open-uri.

I submitted a patch for open-uri on this topic a while back but have yet to get any response, even from people saying it's stupid. I'm writing REST clients with open-uri under the assumption that that'll work by the time the book is published. For instance, here's some code from my Amazon S3 client:

  # Saves this bucket to S3.
  def save
    open(uri, :method => :put)
    return self

  # Deletes this bucket and all its contents.
  def delete
    open(uri, :method => :delete)

I guess you could argue that these features break the metaphor, that PUTting to a URI isn't really "opening" it, or that it's like opening a file for write access and you should have to write the body data inside a code block the way you do for a file.[0] But c'mon, let's have that argument. I don't want to have to keep telling everyone about fake reimplementations of open-uri just so they can write REST clients in Ruby. There's also precedent, like XMLHttpRequest.open in Javascript.

I'd also like to add caching support to open-uri, like the caching support in Joe Gregorio's httplib2 for Python. But I'll wait on that until the fate of this simpler patch is decided.

[0] I doubt this is really the intent of open-uri, since right now it doesn't support HEAD either. I think the intent of open-uri is to make it trivial to make an HTTP request from Ruby.

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