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[Comments] (1) : Wikipedia is your great trivia game collaborator. Sumana and I played that game for a couple hours last night and it was a lot of fun. It's hard to find something appropriate by visiting random pages, but you can do well by picking a category and going through it.

You do have to pick something in a field the other person knows fairly well, because the fun of the game is in being able to make a valid guess every time a new piece of information is revealed. I did very poorly when Sumana was going through "Hollywood Squares contestants" and "People from Cleveland". OTOH Sumana did well identifying the honorary Globetrotters (not an official Wikipedia category at the moment, though if you put the Futurama characters in "fictional honorary Globetrotters" you'd have one of the best Wikipedia category names ever). Sumana reminds me that I did well with "Fictional robots with emotion" and "Characters played by a member of the opposite sex". At the intersection of those two lies Gypsy.

[Comments] (1) : We went up to New Haven today to hang out with the Minutillos. We had lots of fun! They showed us around, we talked and played games on the Wii, dinner at vegetarian restaurant, etc. Recommended. If you know the Minutillos.

[Comments] (2) : Beautiful Soup Works For You.


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