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[Comments] (2) : Beautiful Soup Works For You.


Posted by Matthew Somerville at Mon Dec 11 2006 04:04

Yes, it was very helpful. :) I sent you an email thanking you (and pointing out a tiny bug - http://www.dracos.co.uk/code/python/beautiful-soup/ ), but I'm not sure if you ever got it, hence the web page.

Their FrontPage-created HTML was quite a challenge to parse, even for Beautiful Soup, but was good when it finally just worked - http://project.knowledgeforge.net/ukparse/trac/browser/trunk/parlparse/pyscraper/ni/parse.py has the details of my subclass. ;-)


Posted by Leonard at Mon Dec 11 2006 09:02

Thanks, Matthew. I've had no time to work on side code projects... this whole year, I guess... but I'm pretty sure I did get your email way back when. Thanks for doing cool things with Beautiful Soup!

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